INFINI 1-15 / scenery workshop


The scenery workshop of the stage designer Joseph Wouters consists of a chaotic group of builders, thinkers, former sailors and a retired landscape painter. During the 2015-2016 season, they will simply use the ‘Koninklijke Vlaamse Kijkmachine’ for what it is supposed to be used: depicting other places. They enter into a dialogue with artists, scientists and journalists. Every talk with these correspondents produces an ‘infini’ – traditionally a backdrop on which a view is painted. Each evening consists of a series of sets that are displayed one by one: a series of attempts to unfold landscapes, as horizons for a world in which there is now barely room for imagination. How can we use delicate stage designs to shake up our view of the theatre and the world?


For INFINI, Thomas Bellinck created Simple as ABC #1: Man vs Machine, a theatrical essay about cutting edge migration technology.


artistic director & scenography Jozef Wouters curator Dries Douibi dramaturgy Jeroen Peeters technical director Menno Vandevelde production manager Celine van der Poel Decoratelier (Scenery Workshop) Dareen Abbas, Niels Antonissen, Maurane Colson, Ine Craenhals, Carlo Galli Di Bibiena, Thierry Bosquet, Ken Hioco, Stijn Maes, Sourour Schallewaty, ​Giovanni Niccolò Servandoni, Samuel Verdonck, Hanne Van Den Biesen, Siemen Van Gaubergen, Tim Vanhentenryck, Cedric De Villenfagne, Pascal Windelinckx, Lila John, Kwinten Wouters management Karolien Derwael & Aïsha De Borger (Klein Verzet) graphic design postcards Ward Heirwegh artistic coaching start-up Sébastien Hendrickx INFINI 1 Anna Rispoli INFINI 2 Arkadi Zaides, Yuval Tebol, Daniel Landau, Efi Latsoudi INFINI 3 Begüm Erciyas INFINI 4 Chris Keulemans INFINI 5 Jisun Kim INFINI 6 Metahaven INFINI 7 Michiel Soete INFINI 8 Michiel Vandevelde INFINI 9 Rebekka de Wit INFINI 10 Remah Jabr INFINI 11 Rodrigo Sobarzo INFINI 12 Sis Matthé INFINI 13 Thomas Bellinck INFINI 14 Wim Cuyvers production mennomichieljozef & KVS coproduction Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Dream City/Les arts de la rue Tunis with the support of de Vlaamse Overheid 

FAIR FAIRE / auction


In a race against the clock, in a proper workshop, DIYers, craftsmen, thinkers, artists and other creatives take up the economic challenge of transforming unwanted stuff into new objects with a new identity and their own story.


After a week of collecting, reflection, handiwork and exhibition, the objects are ready for a new owner. An officially licenced auctioneer offers them for sale to the highest bidder. The buyer takes home not only the object, but also the passport, which contains his name, as the proud owner.


head material & creators Aaron De Keyzer, Emile Duyck and Leon Duyck production and editorial staff Charlotte Dhont green expert Willem Van Gucht head design Nick Mattan business manager Maarten Van Winckel coordination and artistic direction Sophie De Somere creators  Aaron De Keyzer, Alexandre Lowie, Atelier Dubbeloo, Barbara De Laere, Dries Warlop, Emile Duyck, Flora Vervaet, Helmut Van den Meersscahut, Jan Fack, Leon Duyck, Lilith Tremmery, Micha Vandendriessche, Reinout Hiel, Richard Duyck, Sander Michiels, Sophie Doore, Stockout, Topo Copy, Veerle Hasselman, Wannes De Bruycker, Wannes Verhees, Willem Van Gucht, Zonen 09, … authors Angelo Tijssens, Joeri Smet, Charlotte Dhont, Mieke Hooghe, Simon Allemeersch, Freek Vielen, Rebekka Dewit, Maud Vanhauwaert, Nico Boon, … designers Nick Mattan, Charlotte Dhont, Fien Meelberghs, Lotta Machs, Lucas Devriendt, Mieke Hooghe, … drawers Lucas Devriendt, Lotta Machs, Mieke Hooghe photographers Richard Duyck, Emile Duyck, Leon Duyck, Aaron De Keyzer filmer Gregoire Verbeke auction presentation Thomas Bellinck, Don Verboven production KVS & Onbetaalbaar